Na Vyhlidce Lookout in Jeznik area

Na Vyhlidce Lookout in Jeznik area

The lookout is freely accessible.

Jeznik, at present already a part of Krnov town, boasted of having the oldest Krnov lookout at peak called Vyhlidka. This oldest lookout in Krnov was built by a Moravian-Silesian Sudetic Mountain Corporation, with a financial support by the prince of Liechtenstein. It was built, or rather opened in 1894. It was 25 m high. After opening of lookout at Cvilin, the interest in Vyhlidka lookout began to subside. The situation reached the point when already in 1920´s, the lookout had to be torn down. Its successor was finally opened as late as in 1934. Unfortunately, its fate was very similar. It fell down. The present lookout was opened as late as in 2001. The larch wood tower is 17, 5 m high and to reach its observation platform, you have to climb 62 steps. The construction was designed according to the original photographs.
There is an educational trail Bezrucuv Peak leading across Jeznik. It starts at carpark at the beginning of Jeznik and leads towards Bezrucuv Peak. There are many information panels and sitting areas, including simple benches and forest playgrounds, along the trail.



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