Old trees

 In the area of Krnov are located 7 trees considered to be natural monuments.

In the town park at Square Míru – European beech No. 347 (girth of 400 cm, 22 m high, 190 years old), forest oak (girth of 466 cm, 28 m high, 220 years old)

Cvilín hill – European linden No. 1841 (girl of 420 cm, 17 m high, about 150 years old).

Říční okruh – European beech No. 2815 (girl of 410 cm, 19 m high, about 150 years old)

Revoluční Street – European beech No. 2903 (girl of 425 cm, 17 m high)

Garden of Villa Cafe in the Zacpalova Street - Sykamore No. 2907

Ginkgo biloba, which grows in Vodni Street, became a memorial tree on September 5, 2016. This memorial tree was planted in the garden of “U Bileho Andela” Pharmacy around 1901, by a Krnov pharmacist and traveler Convall Spatzier, who brought the seed from China.




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