Burgess houses and „Mazhauzes“ with taverns

hobzik3 These houses are located in today's Castle Square and Hobzíkova Street.


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They originate in the 2nd half of 16th century and are mostly of Renaissance character, some carry traits of the Baroque, Empire and Classicism styles. The most significant changes were realized in the 2nd half of 20th century.

The townsfolk were full-fledged and the richest burghers in Krnov, whose houses were concentrated in the town centre, called “Mazhauz”. There lived brewers with the right to brew up in special given days of the week, when beer could be brewed and sold in their houses.  The tap rooms were just situated in this “Mazhauzes”. The houses brewing beer were signed by a chain on its entrance door.

With tap rooms was connected the right to make music by a town fifer leading its own professional musicians. Because of deterioration in quality of beer tried the taverns´ keepers to attract guest by another temptations.

At the turn of 18th century and 19th century beer of poor quality disgusted visitors of the taverns. The newly built bath on the Opava River became very popular. It was called Venice because of wonderful mineral water spring. This strong rivalry has led the brewers to destroy this mineral spring at one night. Later on the brewer agreed to join together and thus was the first brewery established in Krnov.

In the burgher houses lived bakers, as well as drapers, butchers, barbers and a port reeve and aldermen. Moreover, under the arcades were sold salt and other goods.

All these 400 years old houses hang over all the fires in Krnov.



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