Hotel Tiroler – Silesian house

Hotel slezsky 2 It became important inn in the history of the town of Krnov. The hotel was named The White Horse Inn, and was built to make the town more attractive.


Hotel_Tiroler Hotel_Tiroler_4

Johann Flemmich, the later owner of the inn, let built a dance hall, a bowling alley and a garden terrace for summer time. At the entrance to the inn there was hanging an old inn sign with a white horse and an unusual picture of a young man dancing in Tyrolean traditional costume welcoming guests. That is why the inn was given the nickname Cheerful Tyrolean.

The hotel used to be a well-known place of important social events. In 1889 Emil Holub, a Czech explorer, lectured about its research trip to South Africa. In 1890 there was shown an original Edison phonograph to public. Later on

A later owner of the hotel has set up a theater with a stage. To the reconstruction from 1928 to 1930 contributed Leopold Bauer, a significant architect and native of Krnov.
The hotel is currently used for commercial purposes mainly.



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