Nature reserve

Nature reserve – Krasovský kotel

This nature reserve of 11.46 hectares is situated in the western part of the region Krnov, about 2.5 km far from Krasov, proclaimed a natural monument in 1989. It includes species-rich mesofil and wet meadows, about 660 m above sea-level. Waterlogged meadows are separated by forests from agricultural used land. Conservation provides regular tending of this area. Meadows have to be mowed to after the flowering of protected plants annually and to reduce self-seeding of trees. In this habitat is to find abundant population of gladiolus, which is ranged among endangered species. Furthermore, there is occuring meadow foxtail, millet grass, common St. John's wort, march thistle or bush grass. In the south-eastern part, in the alder wood, it is possible to see false hellebores and on the eastern edge of pine grow calamagrostis villosa.


Nature reserve – Radim

Northwest of the village Radim there is a protected area covering 19.25 hectares, declared a nature reserve in 1969. Reserve Radim is located about 430 - 556 m above sea-level, in the top part and the northern slopes of the hill Kopřivná and near the top of hill called “U dubu”. This habitat keeps last pieces of natural beech forests with European larch. Some trees are approximately 140 years old.
Typical species grow here, such as bedstraw, dog´s mercury, male fern, vomit nut, millet grass and baneberry.


Nature reserve – Velký pavlovický rybník

Nature Reserve Velký pavlovický rybník is located in Osoblaha hook in the South of the village Slezské Pavlovice. The area was declared a natural monument in 1999. It covers an area of 30.76 hectares and is situated 216-220 meters above sea level. The western edge of the reserve determines the border with Poland and the northern edge the river Prudnik. Reservations are made by an by-passing pond with extensive reed-grown banks. The pond serves as a stopover for birds on their spring and autumn migration. It this reed bush nest around one hundred different species of birds such as little bittern, garganey teal, water rail or great reed warbler.

Furthermore, this is a favourite habitat is of many species of water and wetland animals.

The largest part of the reserve covers rush and reed-mace vegetation. On the water may be seen common water crowfoot. The pond is surrounded by European ashes, willows, European and red alders. To strengthen the dam there were planted oak trees.


Nature reserve – Džungle

East of nature reserve Velký pavlovický rybník is an area of the nature reserve called Džungle (Jungle), declared in 2002, which is covering 9.95 hectares.

In 70´s of the last century the site was protected from drainage and amelioration because of the abundant population of snowdrop growing in early spring.

Nature reserve includes willow alder-woods of soft floodplain, valuable remnants of hard floodplain with old oak trees. The area is located between two rivers, Hraniční potok and Prudnik. Wetlands are considered to be remnants of a pond whose bottom is covered with sedges, reeds, and seeding of willows and alders. There may be found here even virgin forests. The highest oak is 28 meters and of 475 cm trunk circumference.

In this habitat occurs a number of protected and endangered species of amphibians and reptiles, such as smooth newt, European tree, green and pool frog, sand lizard, ring snake.
There has been proved nesting of several protected and endangered species of birds such as golden oriole, middle spotted woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker, black woodpecker and very rare common crane.

Through this reserve is leading the Central-European migration way of birds.



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