Natural Monuments

Oblík by Dívčí Hrad

Highest interesting for lovers of myths of the palaeontology may be visiting of the dig called Oblík (324m.n.m.) near the municipality Dívčí Hrad, where are to find rare sorts of minerals and where has been found fossils of ammonites, corals, brachiopods and stone lilies from the Cretaceous Period, when the level of the sea was very high.

In 1966 an area of 858 sq was proclaimed as a national natural monument.
In the area of the municipality Dívčí Hrad there are islands of Cretaceous marine deposits - sandstones with components of cherts and salivary sands. Formation of the landscape was strongly influenced by the two Quaternary glaciations, when the whole area was covered by glaciers. The thickness of the ice cover in this area is estimated at 130-250 m.  Among the remains are to found erratic blocks measuring up to 150 cm.


Erratic block in Liptaň

About 1 km south of the village Liptaň, there is a natural monument Erratic block near the narrow-gauge railway Osoblaha - Třemešná ve Slezsku. It is composed of pink grained granite. It is the largest erratic block found in the region Osoblažsko. To the current location has been moved in the early 60´s of the 20th century, with two smaller stones together. Its age is estimated around 920 - 1010 million years, the circuit is 567 cm and it weighs about 4.7 tons. It should come from the massifs in the region Bohuslän in south Sweden.
Near the block there is a small a small water reservoir.

Also around Osoblaha can find many of the Boulder Nordic granite. One can see directly in Osoblaha Liberation Park.



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