Nature Trails

Nature Trails in region Osoblažsko:

It is an integrated project of 5 municipalities – Osoblaha, Slezské Pavlovice, Hlinka, Dívčí Hrad a Vysoká. Built-up markers describing the place or building, large-scale maps as well as direction arrows will lead visitors to interesting places in this region.

  • Třemešná – Liptáň – Horní Povelice – Slezské Rudoltice – Víno – Pelhřimovy – Kobyla – Liptáň
  • Slezské Rudoltice (vinárna) – Hrozová – Rusín – Matějovice – Ostrá Hora – Fulštějn – Bohušov (rybník) – Dolní Povelice – Slezské Rudoltice(nádraží)
  • Bohušov(OÚ) – Dolní Povelice – Horní Povelice - Dívčí Hrad – Karlov – Bohušov(OÚ)
  • Osoblaha (koupaliště) – Osoblaha židovský hřbitov – Studnice – Slezské Pavlovice – Vrbice (rybník) – Rylovka
  • Bohušov(rybník) – Bohušov(OÚ) – Osoblaha(zadem náměstí) – Rylovka – Hlinka – Dívčí Hrad – Sádek – Dolní Povelice – Bohušov(rybník)


Nature Trail Svatý Roch (Petrovice)

- A route of 3.6 km with 7 stops, dealing with the history of the area, forest ecosystem and its function, about the ways of agriculture in the surrounding area and ecology. There is a small forest playground on the trail.
The beginning of this nature trail is to be found on Petrovy boudy (Peter's sheds), between municipalities Petrovice and Zlaté Hory. The trail ends in the gap by Biskupská kupa with a lookout tower.

It crosses the border with Poland in the Janov´s district.

Open all year round.


Town touristic circuit - Mesto Albrechtice

Town touristic circuit connects the most attractive destinations of Mesto Albrechtice and its surroundings: DUBI PEAK – POUTNI MOUNTAIN – RUIN OF BURKVIZ - LINHARTOVY CASTLE - HRANICNI PEAK LOOKOUT. It is almost 28 km long.


The trail starts by the chapel situated at the edge of a castle park in Hyncice. The trail offers a place with a view at Mesto Albrechtice and a sheltered landing place. There are many benches placed along the trail. The trail goes through beautiful places, many rocky viewing points and various forest types.


After the end of the Thirty Years War, Albrechtice mansion was administrated by Jesuits. During the recatholisation, a chapel was built in 1651 at Poutni Mountain (Riemerberg, 706 m). The attendance at pilgrimages was so high that between 1733 and 1760, a pilgrimage church was built instead of the chapel. Unfortunately, the glory of this pilgrimage place did not last for long. In 1782, an emperor Joseph II issued a charter, which was to abolish all pilgrimage churches. The church went to the bad and in 1787, it was sold to Joseph Jachske from Ceska Ves (Neudörfel) for 50 Guldens and 48 pennies. Later, Joseph had it destroyed.
Other curiosities are located along the trail such as an old oak with its 4 m stem circumference, a picturesque chapel, little stone lakes just at the top of Poutni Mountain or manually assembled little stone castle. A new lookout Skalka arose not far from here.


The ruin of Burkviz castle (also known under names Luginsland, Lugsland, Lugswalde, Schlosberg, Burghau or Burgwall) is located circa 800 m south of Burkviz settlement, 654 metres above sea level. The castle establishment may be evidenced since the first half of the 13th century.
This mysterious ruin welcomes its visitors with a reconstructed castle well. Based on an old legend “Of a miller”, the well is guarded by the frog queen. A forest elf “Slivous” is also said to be seen here.


Linhartovy castle is a cultural pearl of the region. The castle was built in the second half of the 16th century as a result of rebuilding a local fort into a Renaissance seat of Vaclav Haugvic´s catholic nobility members. Many cultural events and expositions for children take place regularly at the castle.
This is the place of a ceramics permanent exposition by mister Kutalek. Yet, various expositions are held here every year, as well as painting, photograph, art and musical exhibitions. In the castle premises, many events such as concerts, vernissages, traditional Christmas and Easter fairs, summer events for children, a night castle tour concluded with a great fireworks and many others are held.
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The most attractive tourist destination of the area is a two-towered lookout Hranicni Peak. It is lookout tower of a unique iron frame, consisting of two areas connected with a metal footbridge. It was opened in autumn 2011. It is located just a few metres from the Czech-Polish border, near Mesto Albrechtice. To access the lookout, tourists may follow blue tourist trail from Mesto Albrechtice and further on to follow the marking, circa 3, 5 km from the town. The lookout tower is located on Hranicni Peak, which is 527 metres above sea level and its observation platform is in the height of 25 metres. To reach the top, there are 149 steps to be climbed.


On Sunday May 1, 2016 a new nature trail “With a fairytale towards mole´s spring” was opened. It is suitable for both children and adults. The trail is cca 2 km long. The start is by the chapel just under the Anna Cottage, located along the path behind Hranicni Peak Lookout.



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