Na Skalce Lookout

Na Skalce Lookout
50.1443653N, 17.4508747E
Accessible throughout the year.
Admission free of charge.

“Na Skalce” lookout is situated on the southern treeless slope of Moravsky Hill, 782 metres above sea level.

The lookout enables beautiful views to peaks of Jeseniky Mountains, Beskydy, Low Tatras and also Poland.

The lookout itself is 19 metres high. Curiousity is that presently non-existent lookout standing at the highest peak of Jizerske Mountains – Smrk untill 1946, was chosen as the original design of the lookout. In 1992, a new corporation was established in Nove Mesto pod Smrkem in order to renew the lookout at Smrk. Unfortunately, the attempt for renewal failed. Finally, its perfect replica has already been placed – the first one is in Prague Zoo, the second right there in Holcovice, in the place with a bedrock. This is why it has a romantic name “Na Skalce”, which means “On the rock” in English.

The construction of the lookout was co-financed with state agricultural fund and the grant was worth CZK 750,000. It was built by Vasek Moravcik Company. The lookout approval was held on October 29, 2013. In near future, a new nature trail is planned to lead around the lookout. In a close surroundings, tourists can visit the African museum with an adjacent Zoo park.

This wooden lookout reaches the height up to 19 metres and its observation platform up to 17, 5 metres. To reach the top, there are 79 stairs to be climbed.



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