A village monument reservation in Hermanovice

Folk architecture

With the Czech Republic government ordination of May 24, 1995, the village of Hermanovice was announced the village monument reservation thanks to its uniquely preserved complex of folk architecture. The subject of this ordination are local houses having the form of a unified Jesenik house (east sudetic type). In details, it is a ground floor house with a high pitched, gabled shingle roof, and later since the half of the 19th century, with a slate roof (later replaced by a sheet metal and asbestos) and stone foundation wall. The floor plan is of a mixed chamber-barn type and includes a large room, pantry, hall with rarely preserved black kitchen unit, the second pantry and stone barn. Farming part is usualy made of bricks. The houses are equipped with gutters, plank shields with slat gaps, two smaller windows and elevated attic instead of small roof on lower shield side.There are three frame windows in the house frontage, the walls are limed and the main entrance leads to a hall through the cassette door from the side of the house. The garden used to be fenced with a stone wall or barrier, later, since the 20th century with wooden post fencing.
The Central register of real estate cultural monuments includes also the folowing house numbers: 95, 106, 181, 185, 189, 203, 256, 290, 295, 302, 309, 320, 350 and 370.
The following remains of ore mining in Zlate Hory area also became protected monuments:

Zebracka Mine
The complex of piles, smokestacks and underground tunels is located on the eastern part of Pricni Peak, nearby the road to Zlate Hory. Recently, there were couple land slumps in mining chambers, which resulted in deep holes of 60 x 30 x 50 metres.

Karel Mine
Karel Mine is located on a plateau of Pricni Peak, in the middle of Hackelsberg area and a cadastral territory of Hermanovice and Horni Udoli. It is a medieval mine with 60 metres long tunel, 40 metres long hand-carved smokestack and two blind smokestacks paneled with timber pipes.

Source: http://www.hermanovice.cz/



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