St. Martin´s Church


St. Martin Church was built after 1255. Later the Bothic building was enriched by elements of Baroque. After a devastating fire in 1800 the church was repaired in its present appearance. During the reconstruction works some interesting findings were uncovered. The most interesting findings represent tombstones in Renaissance style, found in the chancel about 35 cm below the last floor level. The oldest and most important is the tombstone of Jindřich Supa of Fulštejn. Tomb, measuring 201 x 101 cm is made of fine-grained, pure quartz sandstone of bright colour. It represents a male figure dressed in a long alb and a vestment wrought rich with embossed floral and figural motifs. On the same side of the chancel was found a tomb of Ekryck Supa of Fulštejn. Ekcryk was with his brothers John and George co-owner of the estate of Fulštejn. On the other side of the chancel, opposite to the previous one, was found a tombstone of Václav Sedlnický Senior of Choltice, who bought the estate in 1566 from his wife's brother George Supa, the last Earl of Fulštejn.

In 2006 the municipality tried to stop the continually devastation of this building. In cooperation with the Roman Catholic parish community Bohušov the municipality made an application for a grant from a program called the "Norwegian Funds". This was supported by the European importance of St. Martin´s church that not only keeps the important records of history from the early German settlements of the region Osoblažsko, but also a rare architectural finds.


Direction Město Albrechtice (Krnov – Město Albrechtice – Třemešná ve Slezsku – Liptáň – Horní Povelice – Bohušov).

Bike route No. 55 Krnov – Město Albrechtice, Město Albrechtice – Dolní Povelice bike route No. 6116 and then on the road Dolní Povelice – Bohušov

Information centre Bohušov

Bohušov 15

Phone number: 554 642 121




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