Ruin Fulštejn

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The ruins of the Castle Fulštejn from the 13th century are located in picturesque surroundings above the river Osoblaha. This castle has been built on the site of a primeval settlement, whereas there have been primarilly used its defence walls. One of the most interesting things, you can see there, is 22 meters long rampart on the western side of the castle. The castle became Swedish military base during Thirty Year´s War and it has been destroyed by the Swedish army after their leaving.

The ruins are accessible to public.


The tourist souvenir labels No. 1155 are possible to get in the boarding house Pod Duby, or by Mr. Pavel Dokoupil in the construction company ID Stav (Bohušov 22).


Direction Město Albrechtice (Krnov – Město Albrechtice – Třemešná ve Slezsku – Liptáň – Horní Povelice – Bohušov)

Bike route No. 55 Krnov – Město Albrechtice, Město Albrechtice – Dolní Povelice bike route No. 6116 and then on the road Dolní Povelice – Bohušov

Information centre Bohušov:

Bohušov 15

Phone number: 554 642 121




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