Chateau Dívčí Hrad

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Dívčí Hrad

The chateau Dívčí Hrad from the 13th century is a local view point built over the river Osoblaha, rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century into a Renaissance chateau, corresponding the type of Northern Italian strongholds with turrets.

In 1768 the chateau won the Order of St. John, later the Order of Malta, and the building with a farm remained in its possession also after 1918. During the World War II, it was heavily damaged. In the post-war time the chateau has been renovated, however, it is closed to the public.


There are possible to get tourist souvenir labels No. 1598. At the municipality office in Dívčí Hrad or in the restaurant Hospůdka pod Skálou.


Direction Město Albrechtice (Krnov – Město Albrechtice – Třemešná ve Slezsku – Liptáň – Dívčí Hrad).

Bike Route No. 55 Krnov – Město Albrechtice, Město Albrechtice – Slezské Rudoltice No. 6116 and then on road Slezské Rudoltice – Dívčí Hrad.

Information centre Dívčí Hrad

Dívčí Hrad 64

Phone number: 554 650 014




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