Chateau Slezské Rudoltice

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Slezské Rudoltice
Phone number: 554 656 105


Smaller Renaissance chateau built in 1548 - 1565 by Fulštejns on the site of a medieval fortress at the lower end of the village. An important figure in its history was count Albert, born in 1706, succeeding after his father the three estates - Rudoltice, Lower Povelice and Fulštejn. Moreover, he got married rich. With that he decided to rebuild the country house in Slezské Rudoltice in Baroque style chateau, which became one of the cultural centers of Silesia. The cultural life enriched a chateau theatre as well as a concert band, in which temporarily acted the famous composers Karl Ditters of Dittersdorf and Karl Hanke. In World War II, it became the seat of the part of Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry in Berlin, and obtained information was passed directly to Hitler's headquarters. Later the chateau served as a military training establishment for Hitler Jugend. During the reconstruction in 70s and 80s of the 20th century the building was modified and served as medical supplies, to which the interior was adapted into the present appearance. In May 2004, the municipality Slezské Rudoltice assumed the management over the chateau and now it is opened to the public almost every weekend in summer. In addition, there are regularly held various varnishing days of local artists mostly, as well as other cultural and social events.

Opened to public:

Orders after opening hours on telephone number 554 656 105


Direction Město Albrechtice (Krnov – Město Albrechtice – Třemešná ve Slezsku – Liptáň – Horní Povelice - Slezské Rudoltice).

Bike Route No 4.10 B Krnov – Město Albrechtice – Třemešná ve Slezsku – Liptáň – Horní Povelice – Slezské Rudoltice

Direction Polsko cca 17 km:  Krnov - Pietrovice - Kolony Mokre (za obci cca 200m odbočit vlevo - Mokre (odbočit vpravo ) Dobiešov ( odbočit vpravo) Rowne(v pravotočivé zatáčce  odbočit vlevo) - Slezské Rudoltice



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